A New Poem and a New Photo


I have written a new poem titled, “Grandma’s 100th Birthday Anniversary”. It is a trip down nostalia lane, with a definite twist. Hope you enjoy it. [Just click on the graphics to enlarge them.]



Also, I got to play a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy at church this morning. I was invited to do a little cowboy skit for a preschool group of kids, and the contact person gave me a script of what I was supposed to do for two to three minutes.

That was the first problem.

Hey, I don’t really admit that my short-term memory is going south on me . . . but it is getting harder and harder for me to memorize information. I really have to sweat over that new stuff. So I got started on the material several days in advance and then winged it as best I could. Of course, the kids didn’t know when or if I left something out. And I didn’t know either, until it was all over. They really roared when I got them to shouting the cowboy “hello” — “Howdy, pardner! Yee-haw!”

Anyway, I enjoyed the kids and they seemed to get a kick out of what must be the wierdest ol’ cowhand they’ve seen in a blue moon. The director asked me to do two more skits on two different Sundays. So it’s back to my “homework”.

Hope you had a good week last week. Join me in looking forward to this new week and to being watchful for someone you meet to whom you can be a blessing.


“Do all the good you can for all the people you can.”  – Louis Klopsch, first editor of the Christian Herald magazine. He also edited and published in 1899 the world’s first Bible with the words of Jesus Christ printed with red ink.

Gotta go, so “cherrio ol’ chaps”.



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